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Currently residing in Denver Colorado. I'm happy to be reunited with Steve deGuzman, long-term friend, mentor, and fellow property technology visionary. It's been an interesting couple of decades for both of us. As always amazed at the turns life takes and experiences it brings. #shhh -> #RexMafia #pd #pwd

I am excited to announce my involvement with these mind-blowing-industry-shaking-knock-your-momma-from-her-grave-so-incredible-you-wont-believe-it-tools-and-teams --> Steve Duane deGuzman, Jon Howard, Oliver Shea, Shannon H Jones: rehavaPress,,, LeadMatch Ai --> John Liss, Will Fried, Cody James: Glass House, True Footage.

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Selling your home can be a daunting and stressful process. Our unique Cash Offers program is designed to provide homeowners with a seamless, stress-free experience. Our value proposition combines our internal cash offer network with a free, upfront appraisal, to ensure you receive the best possible value for your home without the usual hassles. 

Here’s how it works:

  • No Cost Upfront Appraisal
  • 103% as-is Cash Offer Guaranteed
  • No Obligation to Sell
  • Discounted Rapid Repairs
  • Premium MLS Listing
  • Dedicated Support Staff
  • Negotiated Partner Savings
  • Moving Discounts

Simplified Home Selling:

  • Free Appraisal Upfront
  • Multiple Cash Offers
  • MLS Listing Option
  • Results Guaranteed

FREE NO-OBLIGATION APPRAISAL: We've partnered with True Footage to offer homeowners with a professional and unbiased appraisal of your home, completely free of charge. This appraisal provides a clear understanding of your home's true market value, setting a strong foundation for the offers you receive.

MULTIPLE CASH OFFERS: Our exclusive internal network consists of an investor pool ready to make competitive cash offers on your home. We ensure that you receive multiple offers, giving you the flexibility to choose the best option without listing your home on the market.

HASSLE FREE: Avoid the traditional stress of open houses, showings, and dealing with multiple real estate agents. Our process eliminates these hassles, providing you with a straightforward and efficient way to sell your home.

FAST FAST FAST: When you engage with our team, we spring into action immediately. While your appraisal is being conducted, we simultaneously reach out to our investors to secure offers. This fast and efficient process ensures you can make informed decisions quickly, without any delays.

MOVE DATE GUARANTEE: We understand the urgency of establishing a move-out date. We guarantee your home will be sold within 30 days. Receive $5,000 cash if it does not. 

Key Benefits for Home Sellers

  • Transparency and Fairness:
    • The pre-appraised value sets the starting point for all offers, ensuring transparency. Buyers can add terms to their offers, affecting the price positively or negatively, but you are guaranteed at least the appraised value.
  • Convenience and Control:
    • With Lucid Offers, you maintain optimal control over the selling process. All options are presented upfront, allowing you to make fully informed decisions without any pressure or obligation.
  • A One-Stop Shop:
    • Lucid Offers is your go-to market option, providing real cash offers and ensuring a seamless transition to your next home purchase. We coordinate everything from appraisal to offers, making it a convenient central hub for all your home selling needs.

How to Get Started

  1. Receive Your Free Appraisal:
    • Contact us to schedule your no-commitment appraisal with True Footage. This appraisal will determine your home’s true worth and set the foundation for the offers you receive.
  2. Review Your Cash Offers:
    • After the appraisal, we’ll present you with multiple cash offers based on the appraised value. These offers come with no strings attached, allowing you to choose the best option for you.
  3. Sell Your Home with Confidence:
    • Decide whether to accept one of the offers or place on the MLS. Either way, you benefit from knowing your home’s value and having a range of offers to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any obligation to sell my home after the appraisal? No, there is absolutely no obligation to sell after receiving the appraisal and offers. You can explore your options without any pressure.

What happens if my home doesn’t sell within 30 days? If your home doesn’t sell within 30 days, you receive $5,000. This guarantee ensures you are compensated for your time and effort.

How does the appraisal process work? The appraisal is conducted by True Footage, providing a professional and unbiased assessment of your home’s value. This sets the minimum amount for any offers you receive.

Are there any exclusions to the $5,000 guarantee? Certain property types and situations may be excluded. 


Glass House: is a real estate platform that facilitates efficient home buying and selling. The platform provides sellers with a free, no-commitment appraisal from True Footage to establish fair pricing. Appraisal-first home sellers. Fair pricing and quick sale guaranteed.

  • Upfront Appraisal. 
  • No-Commitment to Sell 
  • Absolutely free. No-obligation.
  • Guaranteed sold fast in 30-days. 
  • Results Delivered. $5000 Cash.


Sellers benefit from a $5,000 guarantee if their property remains unsold after 30 days on the platform. Buyers gain assurance from a comprehensive appraisal that confirms the fairness of the property's pricing.


HOME BUYERS: Glasshouse helps ensure fair pricing for buyers through its upfront, comprehensive appraisal process. This appraisal guarantees that the buyer is aware of the home's actual value and can make competitive offers with confidence. The appraisal eliminates surprises at closing by providing a clear understanding of the property's condition and value.

HOME SELLERS: Glasshouse offers sellers a free appraisal, with no obligation to use Glasshouse to sell the property. The appraisal, conducted by True Footage Inc., and determines the property's true worth. This sets the minimum amount for a winning offer. How does this benefits the seller? Homeowners are guaranteed to receive at least the appraised value for their property.

The pre-appraised value is the starting point for all offers. To calculate the total offer value, buyers are given the opportunity to add additional terms to their offer. These optional offer terms can impact the offer price positively or negatively. 

Glass House believes in fairness for all. The transparency provided by the Glass House platform during the offer period sets it apart from other real estate platforms. This transparency in bidding and pricing ensures fairness for both sellers and buyers.


FREE APPRAISAL: Sell your home with Glasshouse and get ready to move! You receive a free upfront appraisal to establish pricing.  Get a legit-accurate-just-like-the-banks-use-appraisal conducted by TrueFootage... this is a complete appaarisail. NOT an unprofessionally created "market analysis" provided by non-appraisers. No-commitment to sell at some low-ball offer. This is a legit offer for a free appraisal for homeowners that qualify.

The process is simple. To determine a home's worth we conduct an appraisal first. Home doesn't sell within 30 days? You get $5,000! That's right, a guaranteed sale or you get paid! Buyers can shop with confidence knowing they are getting a fair price thanks to our transparent offer process and detailed appraisals!


There is no catch. The terms and condition are straightforward. 

So straightforward... I've included them in their entirety below
Take a look... how is this possible?


Notwithstanding any other provision in this document, any exceptions or exclusions not expressly mentioned herein shall be subject to the discretion of True Footage Inc, dba Glasshouse and may be applied as deemed necessary.

Any outliers or requests for exceptions not explicitly addressed in this document will be reviewed by the Glasshouse Operations team. Final determinations regarding such outliers or exceptions will be made by our company.

  • Seller's Intent to Sell: Sellers are expected to have a genuine intention to sell their home within 30 days of listing the property on Glasshouse. While the home does not necessarily need to close within this timeframe, sellers should anticipate receiving and accepting an offer within the 30-day period.
  • Marketing Efforts: The seller and seller’s agent are expected to diligently market the property, employing strategies such as installing signage in front of the home, hosting a minimum 2 open houses, crafting marketing emails, distributing flyers, and leveraging social media platforms.
  • Showings: The seller and seller’s agent are required to facilitate the sale of the property without obstruction. This includes refraining from declining showings or blocking out significant periods during which the property cannot be shown to prospective buyers.
  • Pre-Appraised Value: The seller must not decline any offers received that have a Total Offer Value of at least the pre-appraised value. Should an offer meet or exceed this value and be declined, the seller will forfeit eligibility for the $5,000 promotion.
  • Early Removal: Properties withdrawn from the market prior to 30 days from the listing date will be disqualified from eligibility for this promotion.
  • Property Type: The following property types are excluded from this promotion: vacant land, multi-family, agricultural, and commercial.
  • Tenant Occupied Properties: Properties occupied by tenants are not eligible for this promotion.


Nope! This is not a gimmick.


Steve deGuzman and Paul Dolphin share a remarkable bond that spans over two decades, rooted in their mutual passion for property technology. Their journey began at Sandapper Real Estate in Charleston, South Carolina, where they were first introduced through their collaborative work. 

rehava | real estate store: The initial connection at Sandlapper led to the development of a groundbreaking real estate store concept, originally known as Real Estate Store USA. This later evolved into the angel-funded  rehava Real Estate. Despite market challenges that hindered the success of rehava, Steve and Paul's friendship endured, becoming integral chapters in Paul's life story.


rehavaPress's latest innovation in artificial intelligence includes social multi-modal outreach to ensure effective communication through SMS, voice and e-mail. Convenience of data accessibility and business-centric networking all in one platform. Experience Ai in action with us today with LeadMatch.Ai.

John Liss 

John Liss has attracted over $65M in investment for his technology forward appraisal company True Footage. Do you see a future where Ai powers appraisals form pictures alone? John Liss does...

True Footage provides home sellers with a free upfront appraisal by a licensed appraiser, with no commitments. If the home doesn't sell within 30 days at the appraised value, it becomes the minimum price for listing. This eliminates guesswork for sellers, allowing them to confidently list above the minimum price and potentially fetch a higher value, maximizing their home's worth and selling with assurance.

 | John Liss - LinkedIn ->


Over this past year I've been worked with Will Fried and Cody James on the initial development and testing of Glass House is a new way selling homes that begins with an appraisal first. The appraisal-first pricing is powered by True Footage.


True Footage is a technology-driven company led by CEO John Liss, offering a unique Glass House deal for home sellers. This deal includes a free upfront appraisal and a guarantee to sell within 30 days or receive $5000. 

True Footage is dedicated to providing a seamless valuation experience that benefits appraisers, lenders, and homeowners nationwide. With a focus on inclusivity and collaboration, True Footage aims to enhance the valuation industry by celebrating the expertise of its team members and fostering a supportive work environment.

John Liss - True Footage

John Liss - True Footage is revolutionizing the home selling experience by offering home sellers a free upfront appraisal conducted by a licensed appraiser with no commitments or obligations. If the home doesn't sell within 30 days at the appraised value, it becomes the minimum price for listing. This approach eliminates the guessing game for sellers, allowing them to list their homes confidently above the minimum price, knowing it will appraise or have the potential to fetch a higher value. With John List, sellers can maximize their home's value and sell with assurance.


Glass House, Will Fried and Cody James, is a cutting-edge platform that revolutionizes the process of buying and selling homes. Through a unique collaboration with licensed realtors, Glass House enables home sellers to showcase their properties online with unparalleled digital marketing strategies. Leveraging advanced AI technology and extensive data sources, Glass House ensures that buyers have access to accurate information and fair value when purchasing a home. Experience the future of real estate with Glass House – where transparency and innovation meet to create a seamless and trustworthy home buying experience.

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Paul is the seasoned property technology expert with a 20-year track record in delivering cutting edge open source & commercial enterprise solutions.

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LeadMatch.Ai's social multi modal ai platform is purpose built to streamline sales outreach and engagement. The platform boasts a comprehensive database of contacts, which undergoes AI-powered verification at very frequent intervals. offers integration with various tools including LinkedIn, LeadMatch Connect, CRMs, and email marketing platforms. The platform also includes features for social media outreach (Leadmatch Social), real-time data enrichment, and customizable pipeline management for efficient lead tracking and conversion.

  • Multimodal Outreach: Training should cover how LeadMatch.Ai integrates various outreach methods like social media engagement, targeted email campaigns, and phone outreach into a cohesive strategy.
  • AI-Powered Automation: Focus on how LeadMatch.Ai uses AI to automate tasks such as data enrichment, prospect identification, and campaign management.
  • Data Enrichment and Prospecting: Train users on leveraging real-time data enrichment, segmentation, filtering, and prospecting tools.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Cover how LeadMatch.Ai integrates with CRMs and email marketing platforms for optimal workflow and data synchronization.
  • Pipeline Management: Include instruction on customizing pipelines, tracking progress, and using CRM functionality effectively.

Lead Match | Ai Fire Starter: Enroll in our intensive Lead Match | Ai Fire Starter course to gain practical experience with advanced technologies that drive business growth. Explore the power of AI in expanding business networks, generating leads, engaging customers, and enhancing recruitment strategies.

BizAppStack: Our purpose-built app stack offers customizable digital infrastructure solutions for businesses across various industries. Centralizing all digital infrastructure into one complete stack of applications.

We provide turnkey digital infrastructure tailored for different industries. These stacks can be further be customized with company-specific CRMs and applications, ensuring seamless access and organization of digital assets.

Broker App Stack: a purpose-built digital infrastructure tailored for real estate brokerages with 100 or more agents. Featuring comprehensive and complete AI technology for multimodal outreach. Social Multi Modal outreach, local SEO optimization, Homebot tools, and content creation services. 

Broker app stock provides a comprehensive solution for real estate agents looking to enhance their digital presence and marketing strategies.

Broker Match Recruiting: Our 'Done for You 90-day recruitment intervention is a comprehensive recruiting system tailored for real estate brokerages with 100+ agents. Guaranteed results. Proven recruitment results within 90 days. 

Broker Match offers a hassle-free solution for businesses seeking top talent in the real estate industry.


Welcome to a transformative odyssey of self-exploration and introspective contemplation at, where we invite you to embark on a quest to uncover the true meaning of what if means to be Paul Dolphin, Embrace your inner Paul Dolphin. Discover the depths and dive on in. 

A journey towards self-actualization and fulfillment? 

(eh... maybe... maybe not... but fun anyway)


pwd | Paul Dolphin is your Paulie Porpoise of Purpose in Denver Colorado. His name may bring a smile to your face, but his spirit and charm will warm your heart. Join Paulie on his fun-filled escapades as he brings joy and laughter to the city of Denver and beyond. 🐬🏠🎶 (note to self... sh*tty untrained ai sucks!!!)


Paul Michael Dolphin, born in England in 1962, moved to the U.S. at 9 months old, becoming a citizen at 18. He worked as a Security officer for 30 years, enjoying sports, family outings, camping, puzzles, and model building. Paul shared his love of music with his kids and grandkids, teaching them to swim and attending their recitals. He fulfilled bucket list dreams with a cruise to Alaska and a trip to Disney World. Survived by his wife, children, grandchildren, and extended family. (paul's love music... inspire others... achieve dreams :-)  


pdd | Paul Dolphin Designs is from the land down under, where dolphins dance with kangaroos and koalas slumber. Join us as we promote diverse dolphin designs from around the globe, uniting these playful creatures in a common purpose of spreading joy and wonder. (ai + people = best :-)


Meet Indonesian Paul Dolphin, the Paul Dolphin with stylish with a flair for purple hair! Dive into his world of quirky charm and discover the adventures of fb/PoolDolfin as he swims across the globe


Meet Paul J Dolphin, a dedicated family man residing in the picturesque United Kingdom. When he's not spending quality time with his loved ones, Paul is passionate about providing top-notch financial services. With a keen eye for style and a commitment to excellence, Paul is excited to be a part of the Pulled Offense community, bringing his unique perspective to the world of fashion."

Together, let's make a splash!!!
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