Content Ai – Keyword Targeting & Prioritization

Broker App Stack includes Content Ai , an AI-driven application designed to simplify content creation. It starts with targeting keywords that will optimize search terms used by prospective customers. This video provides a comprehensive overview of the data available for prioritizing keyword targets and maximizing their potential reach.

What are your potential customers searching for online?

KEYWORD RESEARCH: The keyword research tools available through the Broker App Stack allow you to do all of the research and one central location. Criteria such as search volume, keyword difficulty, average cost per click paper,keyword difficulty, all in one place.

SEARCH DATA: Click on any one of these keywords to pull up additional search volume. These details allow for you to prioritize based off of keyword difficulty.  Whole relevant search data and potential monetary valuation are available within the key word details section within Content Ai in the Broker App Stack.

COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: Know your competition. You can see potential competitors by seeing who ranks for this existing key term. Other variations of that key term all within broker apps.

SEO Content Strategy First Steps

 All of these features and much more delivered through Content Ai. Keyword targeting and prioritization is a crutial first step of developing content strategy for your business. Our team will work with you to identify potential opportunities to rank online ranking higher online. The needs more traffic, more perspective, customers, and seeing your content.

Content Ai – Keyword Targeting & Prioritization
Paul Dolphin May 12, 2024
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