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Content Planner is a vital component of the Conten Ai application included in the Broker App Stack – Core edition. This edition encompasses all the essential digital infrastructure that brokerages with fifty or more agents require. Establishing an online presence plays a crucial role in the success of every real estate brokerage. By leveraging Content AI and its planner features, brokerages can enhance their content strategies with the power of artificial intelligence, accelerating their growth and positioning themselves at the forefront of innovation.

We can start to begin to develop our content strategy and do that once we’ve done our keyword analysis to identify keywords that look like potential opportunities to target and prioritize. With the click of a button generate keyword clusters that can be used to generate articles.

KEYWORD CLUSTERS: You’ll see the overall search volume, locally search volume identify for the terms listed within the cluster. Use AI to create article suggestions at the click of a button.

Create drafted content and place articles in queue. AI assisted title and introduction paragraphs allow companies to quickly develop their content creation strategy.

Content Planner – Broker App Stack | Content Ai SEO Automation
Paul Dolphin May 12, 2024
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