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BROKER APP STACK – CORE EDITION: Provide a better customer experience. Build client relationships that last a lifetime. The core edition of Broker App Stack includes all the fundamental infrastructure growing brokerages need: Local SEO  / Homebot.AI / Broker Match Ai

Get found online across the web by those looking for you. Be Remembered & build long lasting relationships with customers who trust and value your expertise. Grow your business by providing a more consistent customer journey, focused recruitment, and compelling client offer.

Steve deGuzman – Broker App Stack Founder

I’m excited to offer you the Broker App Stack – Core Edition! Our comprehensive suite of tools designed is to provide a better customer experience and build lasting client relationships. With features like Local SEO, Homebot.AI, and Broker Match AI, you can easily get found online by those seeking your expertise. Be remembered and cultivate trust with customers who value your skills.

Unlock growth opportunities for your brokerage through a more consistent customer journey, focused recruitment strategies, and compelling client offers. Join the Broker App Stack community and watch your business thrive. Best of all. We’re able to get you started absolutely free. No credit card required.



  1. GUIDED SERVICE: Our do it with you solution. Teams work on an ongoing basis to implement custom strategies to obtain best results. 
  2. DO IT FOR YOU: We will do it for you. Our team works with you to establish vision. Let our team handle the rest. 
  3. BROKER SIGNALS: We work with your IT team to set up your company’s news and media distribution channels. 
  4. BROKER MATCH: Our team manages your agent recruitment campaign on your behalf. 
  5. SOCIAL MEDIAL: Let our team become an extension of yours. We handle all social media content and posting. 
  6. INTEGRATED IDX: Realia IDX with all the integrated features you need.
  7. BUSINESS PROCESS: Our team works on a project basis to create custom process documentation for your internal teams.

Steve deGuzman - Broker App Stack FREE
Paul Dolphin May 12, 2024
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