What is included in Broker App Stack – CORE?

Those interested in incorporating Broker Apps Stack into their operations may first be presented with an option for a 30-day free trial of the Broker App Stack – Core edition. How does this trial edition differ from the paid plans? What can I expect in the first 30-days of implementing BAS – CORE into my real estate brokerages day-day operations for building your customer referral network, getting found by people searching for you.

BROKER APP STACK – CORE: These applications are part of the free trial of the broker app stack. Experience near instant success within the first 30 days or receive $300 cash. Broker App Stack – Core includes Homebot.AI, Local SEO, and BrokerMatch.Ai. Together, these apps provide the essential digital infrastructure to help your company get discovered, leave a lasting impression, and thrive. Get found, be remembered, and grow real estate agent recruitment with BAS – CORE.

What’s included in Broker App Stack – Core?

What’s included and what we mean by broker app stack core? Broker app stack, core is part of the free 30 day challenge. $300 back to you if you don’t see results. No obligation, no upfront costs. We are truly confident that this is going to work within your business. We put our money where our mouth is. We will pay you $300 cash to you if you don’t see results, Near instantly. 


The three main components of that success are Broker Match AIHomebot AI and Local SEO. These applications address the major obstacles to growth for established real estate brokerages.

 LOCAL SEO: Local SEO is how customers find you online, all of your citations must be error free to be found. HOMEBOT:  Homebot AI is a growth platform for referral business. Engage customers that you’ve serviced in the past. We ask that you give us a list of previous customers. We will enter these into the systems for you. You’ll start to see engagement right away. We have some customers, see, 80% or more engagement. You’ll regularly, see, 50 percent or more engagement with these methods. BROKER MATCH: Broker Match AI that allows you to go and put your recruitment that crucial element of your brokerage on autopilot. We offer this in two different ways. One where we’ll do it with you and the other a do it for you campaign. Your success manager will go through all options and add-ons with you as we look at what our relationship will be past the initial 30 days.

What is included in Broker App Stack – CORE?
Paul Dolphin May 12, 2024
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