FoxyAI-GPT: Transforming Real Estate Visualization

Introducing FoxyAI-GPT: The Future of Real Estate Visualization and Intelligence

FoxyAI, a trailblazing PropTech leader with a deep focus on real estate visualization and property intelligence, is thrilled to announce the launch. This groundbreaking generative AI model is poised to revolutionize the real estate industry by providing specialized solutions that address the unique challenges faced by professionals in this field. Leveraging their unparalleled expertise in artificial intelligence and real estate, FoxyAI continues to lead the way in delivering practical and effective tools to real estate professionals and customers.

While off-the-shelf GPT solutions have proven to be useful in general applications, they often fall short when it comes to handling the specific nuances of different industries, including real estate. Recognizing this gap, FoxyAI, a real estate-focused company, has developed FoxyAI-GPT to specifically cater to the needs of the real estate industry.

What makes FoxyAI Special?

So, what benefits does Foxy AI-GPT, a generative AI product, bring to the table for real estate professionals? Firstly, it allows users to search beyond conventional limitations. Gone are the days of rigid, predefined search classifications. With Foxy AI-GPT, real estate professionals can now search for anything in their real estate datasets, whether it’s specific property features like bay windows, unique tile patterns, garden fountains, or kitchen layouts, or even abstract concepts like factors influencing appraisal bias. This level of flexibility is a game-changer in an industry that demands precision and attention to detail.


Foxy AI-GPT, a generative AI product, offers the ability to find similar properties or features by simply uploading a reference image. This advancement is particularly beneficial when appraising unique homes that defy conventional categories. By analyzing streams of recent property images, FoxyAI-GPT enables professionals to stay ahead of visual trends in property listings, empowering them to tailor property staging and marketing strategies in accordance with evolving market preferences.

Estimate Renovations

FoxyAI-GPT assists professionals in estimating renovation costs. By providing images of their current spaces and describing desired changes, real estate experts can rely on Foxy AI-GPT, a highly valuable product, to suggest potential improvements, visualize alterations, and even estimate the increase in property value based on similar renovations it has encountered – a highly valuable tool for those planning renovations and looking to maximize their investment.

Multi-modal AI

Foxy AI-GPT is a multimodal Generative Pre-training Transformer (“GPT”) model that has undergone rigorous training using a rich dataset comprising both textual and visual real estate data. This unique product seamlessly integrates with various data types, including text and images, and offers real estate professionals unparalleled versatility to enhance their work. Furthermore, it can be used in conjunction with traditional AI models, such as object detection models, to refine research beyond predefined classifications.


Vin Vomero, Founder and CEO of Foxy AI, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of FoxyAI-GPT, stating,”Empowering real estate professionals with the latest AI tools to help them make better decisions has always been our mission at FoxyAI. Foxy AI-GPT perfectly embodies that commitment, designed to make real estate research and analysis more accessible and insightful than ever before. The product is tailored to meet the needs of real estate investors and ai experts.” Learn more about FoxyAI-GPT here. 

About FoxyAI

Established in 2018, Foxy AI has become the leading proptech company specializing in real estate visualization and property intelligence. Their robust utilization of artificial intelligence and computer vision technology enables them to transform everyday real estate photos into actionable data. Through their suite of Property Intelligence tools, all available via their API, Foxy AI can instantly compute property quality and condition, valuations, renovation costs, detect objects and materials, and much more. For additional information on Foxy AI, please visit

FoxyAI-GPT: Transforming Real Estate Visualization
Paul Dolphin May 13, 2024
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