Content AI

Intelligent optimization driven by artificial intelligence. Your teams will have access to the cutting edge technology they need. Our weekly SEO checklists will give you the insight you  need to be sure they are staying on track.


Content Ai is one of the applications included in the full stack edition of the broker app stack. This gives you access to everything that your team needs to develop a content strategy online. Why is that important? Development of a content strategy for your business gives your customers a better chance of coming across you online. The content serves to givee authority to your website which increases your overall ranking.

SEO DASHBOARD: Your team is going to love the dashboards included in Content Ai. All of the tools needed for keyword analysis and prioritization are centrally located. The content planner tools create clustered keyword ideas just waiting to be added to your team’s content queue.

CONTENT QUEUE: Content strategy taken to the next level with artificial intelligence. Leverage AI to target the keywords that will give your business the maximum benefit. Streamline article creation with simple AI prompts that will develop the right title and keywords clustering. Your content queue serves as the dashboard to distribute team content writing activities. 

 OTTO AI: Your personal AI SEO assistant. Your team receives weekly tasks to complete to optimize your site. Take the guesswork out of these technical tasks. Training is incorporated all along the way so that your teams can get to understand all aspects to SEO excellence. All these features are a part of the content AI, available in the full stack edition of the broker app stack.