Nothing will deliver business faster than implementing Homebot.AI immediately. In order to get started we just need a list of past customers: first name / last name / email / physical address. We have seen engagement of 80% or more with brokerages we’ve worked with. We are confident it will work for you. Get 50% a engagement rate with your client list or we’ll give you your money back.

Successful real estate brokerages know that staying connected to your past clients is the key to generating listings and referrals. But how can you compete with the marketing of large portal? Do you really want to direct customers to sites that want to sell your client as a lead to the highest bidder?

HOMEBOT: Home bot is your personalized online ai virtual assistant that helps homeowners make educated wealth-building decisions. The broker/owner stays top of mind month over month, automatically sending your past clients an easy to read monthly digest that helps keep them on track. Help homeowners understand their equity position calculate their trade-up potential and much much more.

How Homebot Works

Once you’ve uploaded your contacts, artificial intelligence runs on autopilot, pulling its information from a variety of top data sources and creating a customized digest each month. Using other automated home value portals you can have your business taken from you – turning your client into a lead for your competitors. Home bot makes automated home values work for you by positioning you as the expert

REAL ESTATE LEAD GENERATION: The best part is it’s not just for past clients. You can use Home bot to capture new real estate leads and even use it to target your favorite neighborhoods and begin building relationships.